April in Paris

(my view every morning on the bus...)

So, it was almost a month ago when I last updated....at one point, this blog was DAILY!

Over the last month, I started and stopped my updates, I think mostly because I just didn't know what to talk about or I thought whatever I wrote sounded dumb. That's my problem, I have what I think are interesting thoughts/ideas but as soon as I write them down on paper (or in this case, online), they seem cliche and childish. We are our worst critics, after all.

I cannot hold out any longer, however. So here you go...a summary of my month:

- I celebrated the Iranian and Baha'i new year at the Baha'i Center in Paris
- My best friend, Dana, came to visit!
- I survived two oral presentations that I had to give for two of my classes....
- My good friend Tiffany who was also studying abroad in Paris left....and I felt strange lonliness
- My mom came to visit for a week!
- My aunt, uncle, and cousins came to visit on their way home from The Gambia, West Africa!
- I met a distant cousin who lives in Paris and whom I had never met before...her name is Nahal also! And now I have a family contact here
- I had an in-class midterm essay for my political philosophy class which...was interesting...they are SO specific about the format of their essays that I choked and just wrote an American version of an essay with as many facts that I could remember and spit out
- Spring Break! (April 7-22)
- Visited friends in Brussels, Belgium---> only a 3 hour bus-ride from paris!
- Visited Toulouse (south west of France) with some friends
- Visited Montpellier (south of France) and stayed with a french friend there (we swam in the mediterranean ocean!)

(view from my apartment....amazing)

Now I have one more week of spring break but I have a TON of work to do for my classes....so I find myself in the library all of this week working....

This Sunday (the 22nd) is the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS! It is their "first round" which narrows down the candidates from, gosh, I don't even know exactly how many....maybe around 15(?) to two people. The final vote will occur in May and will choose the President.

(I'll spare you all the translation of this.... hehe)

The weather AND the politics here are heating up.....more on that later!