just felt like sharing...

i am sitting at my desk in a wrap-around sweater sipping green tea.
my window is cracked open, letting in crisp october night air.
the candle to my right flickers and creates shadows against my wall.

i love this season....oh the little pleasures of life. :-)


procrastination at its best (worst)

well, here i am again procrastinating starting a research paper for one of my classes....

so far, i have cleaned/organized my room (it was getting bad....), ate three well-prepared meals, sent many emails that I had been putting off, and other tasks that i have been meaning to do but are not NECESSARY at this moment.

i call this "productive procrastination."

i have completed many tasks today, all of which needed to get done....but have i done the one thing that i should have?? nope.

alas, i have come to this realization at 10:45pm. why is it that i need the feeling of urgency and pressure to finally do the unpleasant?

oh look...now i have updated my blog. what other unnecessary tasks will my mind think up?

.......i do need to fold some laundry...........


another caffeine-induced reverie

my double-shot espresso and i
sit by a large window over-looking Dupont Circle on a friday night,
silently transfixed by the life that bustles past:
couples hand-in-hand, content with nothing but themselves;
groups of girls and guys dressed to impress.

the blades of the overhead fan pass rotate over a light fixture,
creating a slow-motion strobe light effect.

in the far corner, a couple embrace and share a drink.
occasionally, the man reaches over
and affectionately rustles the hair on her head.


DC morning rush

rush hour....

spanning from the hours of 7am-10am, DC is flooded (above and below ground) with suited men and women headed to work. the metro comes every minute or so and the buses are packed. i have to admit, it's exhilarating (even though i'm still half-asleep).

washington DC is the hub of international and political activity...

i used to brush aside my excitement and tell myself that it was because i only took the metro during rush hour on "special occasions" and that if i were working full-time, i would quickly lose interest. over the summer i worked full-time and am continuing through the semester. i can honestly say that i feel just the same as i did back when i never woke up before 10am...*ah, the life of a carefree college student.

i love DC.


another cafe

what is it about the rain, a cup of coffee and my pen and paper?
i don't have anything to say,
but the caffeine is pumping through my veins
and my mind overflows with words...


Home is....

What/where is home?

"It's where the heart is..." you might think at first, due to our 'cliche indoctrination.'

Is it where your family is or where you grew up? Is it where you feel most comfortable (based on cultural norms etc?)

Or is it merely wherever you put your ..."stuff...?"

This post was prompted by my friend who, after graduating college this past spring, picked up her things and moved to South Africa to do research/work. I was looking at her pictures of her apartment and suddenly felt the need to write about this topic.....

Her room is plain and somewhat bare, but I noticed that she did a great job of making it personal. One of the things that I noticed were the pictures. They are posted nicely on the walls, the window and the desk....snapshots in time.... she might be thousands of miles away from her home in New Jersey, but her loved ones and memories are with her in that room and wherever she decides to go in the future.

This might seem like a simple concept, and well, it is...but I had a "moment" where I felt the significance of this and decided to blog about what goes into the process of creating a personal space, no matter where one is in the world.

What does one need in order to feel "settled" somewhere? Do you only need clothes, toiletries, a bed and basic amenities? Or is there something more? I suppose it's very different for every person, but I also prefer pictures. I am known to be "trigger-happy" when it comes to taking snapshots and oftentimes find myself spending more time behind the lens than being in the moment....the plight of photographers, i suppose....one of the sacrifices we make to create art :-)

Well, I just want to congratulate my friend for taking that leap and doing what she loves......which reminds me that I will be studying abroad in Paris in about 4 months and will be reflecting on this myself soon enough.