j'ai le cafard

it's one of those days...

gray sky, soft music playing on Pandora, kitty sleeping by the window, blog-surfing....and looking back at old photos of my time spent in Paris.

once in this mood, it's hard to pull myself out. i tend to view this period of my life as a strange limbo-land where i can view the world from my safe perch. looking at what everyone else is up to can sometimes be daunting and it's hard to keep my long-term goal in mind when the every day seems to be the same.

don't mind me...i'm just having one of those days.



Sitting here,
seat worn from
day after day of
sitting here.

coffee as my morning brew
wakes me from my dreamless slumbers,
forces me to greet the daylight
once more.

let Inspiration flow
from these dry hands
on this blackened keyboard
through cyber space
and into someone's heart...

i pray
let the day of change
come sooner
than later.