just felt like sharing...

i am sitting at my desk in a wrap-around sweater sipping green tea.
my window is cracked open, letting in crisp october night air.
the candle to my right flickers and creates shadows against my wall.

i love this season....oh the little pleasures of life. :-)


procrastination at its best (worst)

well, here i am again procrastinating starting a research paper for one of my classes....

so far, i have cleaned/organized my room (it was getting bad....), ate three well-prepared meals, sent many emails that I had been putting off, and other tasks that i have been meaning to do but are not NECESSARY at this moment.

i call this "productive procrastination."

i have completed many tasks today, all of which needed to get done....but have i done the one thing that i should have?? nope.

alas, i have come to this realization at 10:45pm. why is it that i need the feeling of urgency and pressure to finally do the unpleasant?

oh look...now i have updated my blog. what other unnecessary tasks will my mind think up?

.......i do need to fold some laundry...........


another caffeine-induced reverie

my double-shot espresso and i
sit by a large window over-looking Dupont Circle on a friday night,
silently transfixed by the life that bustles past:
couples hand-in-hand, content with nothing but themselves;
groups of girls and guys dressed to impress.

the blades of the overhead fan pass rotate over a light fixture,
creating a slow-motion strobe light effect.

in the far corner, a couple embrace and share a drink.
occasionally, the man reaches over
and affectionately rustles the hair on her head.