procrastination at its best (worst)

well, here i am again procrastinating starting a research paper for one of my classes....

so far, i have cleaned/organized my room (it was getting bad....), ate three well-prepared meals, sent many emails that I had been putting off, and other tasks that i have been meaning to do but are not NECESSARY at this moment.

i call this "productive procrastination."

i have completed many tasks today, all of which needed to get done....but have i done the one thing that i should have?? nope.

alas, i have come to this realization at 10:45pm. why is it that i need the feeling of urgency and pressure to finally do the unpleasant?

oh look...now i have updated my blog. what other unnecessary tasks will my mind think up?

.......i do need to fold some laundry...........


Anonymous said...

I am the master of procastrination!! I had a week to write an article and managed to write it over the last two days. Before that, I cleaned the house, re-organised my PC´s cables, went on a day-long photo-harvesting for my photoblog, visited my mother, read half a book, played simcity and saw 4 movies in DVD.

Nice to meet a fellow procastrinator.

Greetings from Athens, Greece

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say..

of course I did update my blog

::nanajoon:: said...

OVELIKIOS, thanks for your comments! yes...procrastination is really horrible and i think especially for students because we have 10 things always going on at once and the key is to get things done BEFORE so that you can work on something else!

Greece is top on my list of countries to visit!

siparhasard said...

procrastination, oui parfois