Blog in transition, like my life.

I am drawing a line here...
and starting my blog again. It has been almost exactly a YEAR since I returned home from Paris and so much has happened. To be brief, I went through 3 months of grieving ("why am I back in the States when I want to be in France??") followed by 8 months of school. This past month, I graduated and am questioning what I want to do with my life, or at least with the next two years until it's time to go back to grad school.

I leave for Tajikistan in a week. I have little idea of what to expect that it is making the packing/preparation more mentally grueling. I hear it will be extremely hot--over 100 degrees farenheit daily--but dry heat, which is manageable. It is also a country that is traditionally Muslim so no prancing around in tank tops and shorts. I'm thinking linen/cotton pants and lots of boring round-neck t-shirts. To all my fellow fashionista wannabes out there, you understand how painful this will be for me, even if only for a month and a half :-) Expect many photos of me looking like I just stepped out of The Gap circa ten years ago (but I promise, no fanny packs or Teva sandals!!!!)

So this is my pre-departure post to look back on and laugh at. I am anxious to get there, put down my stuff and see what my living arrangements will be. Please let there be a nice, clean shower...this is all that I ask! Oh and bug-free . I have zero tolerance for bugs....I am such a priss.

Ok I will stop here and wish myself a bon voyage.

And to my dear readers (i.e. family members, close friends, and random internet browsers who somehow stumbled on my blog), PLEASE COMMENT on my posts so I know that somebody out there besides me is reading these posts. :-)



bobak said...

Don't forget your hijab. I won't have my sister looking like anything but the quiet muslim girl she was born to be :)

Oh, and throw some trash over the border into Iran for me. Thanks!

DanaTrueski said...

I'm reading!!!

Yes, please leave the fanny pack and Tevas in your closet, where they belong.

Will miss you, but we're hardly in one place at the same time... so I'll just pretent you're still chillin in my room after I've gotten up for work... taking your time... deciding if you want to go into NYC... meeting me for coffee at noon... oggling handsomly tall men dressed in green and jeans... and taking 8 hours just to pay the $4 parking fee - after getting a $30 parking ticket.

It's only a month and a half!!! YAY! I'll take that any day over 6 months to a year. Plus, when you come back... we can go do all that girly stuff we werent able to do when you were here in Princeton. :)

Love you!

bobak said...

i forgot tajikestan doesn't border iran...I guess you could just throw it into china.

Leif said...

Hi, Nahal! I found this via facebook. Congratulations on graduating! What are you doing in Tajikistan?