Environment, environment, environment!

Not the "green movement"... I'm talking about apartments that just make your heart skip a beat. That's what happened to me this morning when I stumbled on two Manhattan apartments with the coolest design.

In short, they inspired me. Click to read the articles below and more importantly look at the slideshow of more photos (...I can't find out how to be able to save those photos and paste them here...)

I've moved around every year or so for the past 6 years, giving me permanent "dorm room syndrome," a rather common affliction in which one does not find the need to invest in a quality lifestyle because of the knowledge that packing up and moving is right around the corner (and we ALL know that less 'stuff' fits better in garbage bags...)

I dream, however, of a personal sanctuary--a light, bright, open space full of my own art, things that inspire me and a style of relaxed chic. I do think it's a reachable dream, but I just don't know when I'll be in the position to stay in a city for long enough!

Which brings me to another dream of mine and something else I indulged in today.............(don't laugh, although I know you will!)


Some women just fall apart with motherly desire when they see babies.....I've never had that (yet) but I believe I have the same intense feelings when I see baby animals. These little guys just stole my heart, and before I knew the extent of my emotions, I was YouTube-ing other videos of puppies playing and wishing so much I had my own dog to cuddle with on this cold, rainy day.

Everyone loves puppies (how could you NOT?!) but I've wanted a dog since I was a little girl....I subscribed to the American Kennel Association's publications when I was 12 in order to be informed and I went as far as to memorize all of the dog breeds/personalities. After all of the genuine effort and desire on my part, my parents STILL refused....
"Too much work," they replied definitively.

SO, a dog and a beautifully-furnished/inspiring permanent residence.... This is what inspired me today and this is what I am setting as long-term goals for myself.

Until then, Ramen Noodles for dinner, anyone?? (joking, of course...)


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