Visions of a future not so far....cobble stone streets and a cozy studio I can call my own. I want so much to be THAT woman:
you know, the type that walks with confidence, that exudes happiness with life....
THAT woman you envy when you see in passing:
Independent, balanced, mindful....

What is the difference between long-term goals and daydreaming?

I see my vision of the future and it doesn't seem too far away....but how do I get there, how do I take that leap? I dream of living in Europe. It's almost like if I get there, everything else will fall into place for me. Everyone needs a dream. I cry for those that gave theirs up thinking it was useless. We only have one life to live and we write our own history.

It's not so far off, I tell myself. But when?


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DanaTruski-M said...

I think we need to buy you a hat. :)