Back on my feet and runn..dancing!

Last night I decided to get out of my apartment and meet a good friend for coffee in Saint Germain area before she met up with a couple of her friends to go to this cool salsa club called La Pena. I walked her to the door...walked into the entrance...heard the music downstairs...saw that the room wasn't filled with cigarette smoke...and checked my jacket!

It felt so good to be out with other people and salsa dancing is one of my favorite things to do. The dance moves themselves are so much fun to do and the feeling of dancing with a skilled partner that you are in sync with is indescribable. What I also like is that it is not sexualized, like most other dances--it is purely about having fun and doing the moves. I danced with this columbian man who is actually a salsa teacher. He did such a great job of leading me that I was doing everything flawlessly...definitely the sign of a perfect dance partner.

Me and a few of my friends agreed that we would take salsa lessons and would be masters by the time we left Paris.

Afterwards, we took the "night bus" or the "noctilien" (the bus system that runs when the metro closes from 12:30am-5:30am) to the Bastille area and went to a cafe that is open 24/7. We got chocolate crepes and hot chocolate which ended up being PURE melted chocolate....it was so rich!

I had such a great time and it felt good to be out and enjoying this city again....looks like i'm back on my feet!



Dana said...

Good, so that when you get back you can teach me how to Salsa. Oooooh That Crepe sounds sooooo goooood..... i want one.

Roly said...

I saw that you like to salsa dance. You are now cool to me. Actually, just the fact that you're studying abroad was pretty cool to me, but salsa got you on my blogroll :) Good luck in Paris!

::nahal:: said...

thanks roly! at least i'm cool in someone's book! haha