Just some thoughts....

Today after class, I stumbled upon one of the many Starbucks that dot the city...on any other day, I would make a face and hurry to cross the street and nestle into a french cafe; however, on this particular day, whether it was the subconscious desire for familiarity or the comfy available chairs, I decided to try it out. I ordered my "usual" (a vanilla skim latte) and sat down by a large window by the street.

All of a sudden, I got the urge to write and I did for a good 20 minutes straight...one of the main things that struck me was that the "I can't believe that I'm here in PARIS" feeling has worn off and replaced itself with a comfortable feeling. Of course, I still am a foreigner and am learning new things every day, but that unearthly awe that I used to feel has morphed into something else. Don't get me wrong, I still stop walking all together to just gaze at the beautiful architecture and think how amazing it is to be here....I don't think that I will ever lose that feeling. At the same time, the sights and sounds have become a part of my everyday life and I now have a comfortable mastery of the city's geography.

This past weekend, the weather was in the 60's (farenheit) and there were blue skies! All the Parisians went crazy (myself included) and flocked to the parks. Everybody was in higher spirits and more obliging...it's interesting how much of an impact weather has on people. The photo above was taken on my walk down by the Louvre museum...I like it because the structure on the left (forgot the name) looks like a miniature version of the Washington Monument and the structure on the right of course is the Eiffel Tower...so this picture represents my old and new life :-) And just for your information, if you double click on the photos in this blog, they will pop up much larger.

I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who reads my blog regularly and has commented! I like hearing from you all and your thoughts, even if you don't have a blog account you can leave a comment :-)

Have a good week!



Jubin said...

good to hear from you kido.
jahet khaylee khalee this weekend.

Sarah said...

that's the obelisk...and i'm going to see it in like 19 days!!!! :-D can't wait to see you!

::nahal:: said...

thanks jubin....i missed you guys!

sarah, i can't wait!!!!! i wrote it down in my assignment book :-)

Monica from rio said...

Good that you share your thoughts with us! How wonderful it must be to be there right now... I say enjoy this city the best you can, cause something tells me you're going to miss it a lot when it becomes a sweet memory of your experience in France.

Roly said...

amazing picture! hope all is well in Paris.