Overview of Paris...Panoramic

Today I ventured to the top floor of Tour Montparnasse, the only skyscraper in Paris. The top floor offers a panoramic view of Paris along with an overpriced cafe and gift shop. It's definitely worth a visit! The view is absolutely breathtaking....I spent a total of 2 hours "hanging out" up there and taking pictures [see above].

Every day living here teaches me something new and I become more familiar with the way things are done...je suis finalement a l'aise (translation: I am finally comfortable). I have discovered some neat places to hang out and become a regular--which is valued here. Also, I have almost mastered the layout of the city, even though I've only been here a month! I attribute this to taking the bus, which allows me to see how things are connected, which roads lead to which areas etc. I'm a big fan of the bus system.

Well, it is VERY late (or rather early in the morning) here so I will call it a night and post again soon!

Bonne nuit a tout le monde! (goodnight to all!)



Dana said...

thats a beautiful picture :)

::nahal:: said...

aw thanks dana :-)

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

Hi Nahal,
Have been reading Homa's blog and that's how I found yours. Thank you for keeping in touch this way. Love your blog! The pictures make it even more interesting. Paris becomes you. You look fantastic!take care, victoria

::nahal:: said...

Mrs. O'Neill! Thanks for commenting on my blog :-) it's nice to hear from you! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Having dinner with your home boys tonight (dad, B & P). Sounds like you're becoming a regular Parisian (but even better looking).

Sarah said...

gorgeous picture! glad you're loving paris, can't wait to sortir avec toi!