I'm Lovin' It!

Tonight I had probably the best meal that I have had since my arrival in Paris......what delicacy, you might be wondering?? what sort of insanely expensive, beautifully put-together, hard-to-pronounce dish? I believe you all are familiar with this one...


Yup, I caved and did what I swore I wouldn't do ever since I saw the ugly yellow arches on the corner near my apartment building. HOWEVER, it truly was the best meal I have had since I've been here and this is why......

For the past week, I have been bedridden due to a nasty virus going around that attacked my throat and lungs...like the flu but not stomach, thank goodness. I lost my voice completely four days ago and have yet to get it back! So, for the past four days I have eaten nothing but "Poule au Pot" soup (chicken noodle) that a fellow program student was kind enough to go out and buy for me...I would average three or so bowls a day of the thin, but yummy soup. Then, last night, I got a massive craving for something hearty...for a hamburger. That same nice student said that she would run out to McDonald's at 10:30pm to get me what I desired the most.

As I bit into that juicy hamburger, it did more than satisfy my appetite...it was strangely comforting. The true test of globalization: anywhere in the world that you go and buy a McDonald's hamburger, it TASTES THE SAME. It was refreshing to have plain Kraft's chedder cheese on it....here, they don't know what chedder is and it is frowned upon...it's not REAL cheese. The burger was cooked to perfection and I relished every bite...not to mention every single french fry.....it was my first real, hot meal in a week and it was glorious. McDonald's and episodes of Seinfeld were the best combination.

Needless to say, I went to bed a satisfied woman last night.



Anonymous said...

Hi nanajoon, it's amou b. I just got back yesterday from a week of visiting Homa and the girls in The Gambia. It was great. I hope you're doing better and on your way to 100%. I also get a craving for a Big Mac every once in a while so it's ok to enjoy the moment and have one. it brings back memories while your away. Can you put some photos onyour blog too -- maybe some texures of the city or your neighborhood?

lv, amou b

::nanajoon:: said...

hi amou! thanks for your comment! i am feeling better...this was a nasty virus....i have a picture website actually i will email you the link!