The Post About Nothing.

I want to apologize to my "regular readers" for neglecting to post in the past few days...every night that I sit down to do it, nothing in particular stands out as worthy of dedicating a post.

If you really must know, the past few days for me have been dedicated to.....SHOPPING! "Les Soldes" (the sales) in France are highly regulated. In fact, stores are only allowed to have sales TWICE A YEAR....once in winter (Jan-mid Feb.) and once in summer (early June). That's it. This is the last weekend of the sales, so stores that want to get rid of their old inventory put everything on sale for 50% or more! After many purchases and apologies to my parents, I am done with shopping for a while.


Well, I finished my first week of classes. I could write posts upon posts of stories explaining how I got lost in buildings, having the class room AND time change 30 minutes before our first class, as well as other amusing anecdotes; however, I won't bore you. Long story short, it was tiring but exciting. I am eager to get into the swing of things and establish a routine....I function best when I have a routine.

I think that's it for this time...a la prochaine! (until next time!)


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Tiffmo said...

Awww... I remember this photo!!! I miss meeting Paris with you, Nahal. Also, bring this blog back s'il te plait. Just because you aren't in Paris doesn't mean that you don't have beautiful/interesting/fascinating stories to tell =)

gros bisous