a new way to enjoy life.......

......get sick for a week and then go out for the first time!

It's an amazing feeling....today, I felt a lot better, and after an entire week of being imprisoned in my studio apartment, I put on some cute clothes, did my hair and makeup (covering the massive bags under my eyes...but not getting rid of the exhausted look) and bundled up.

As soon as I stepped out my front door, I felt better...I saw LIFE! Children and parents passed me, cars whizzed by, someone called to someone else from afar.....human interaction! I went grocery shopping (much needed, as I had eaten literally everything in my apartment), went to the pharmacy and bought strong french cold medicine, went to the post office, and then went to my corner bakery (called a Boulangerie) for some fresh baguettes and treated myself to a "millefeuille," or Napoleon as we call it in the U.S.

I felt very French as I walked back to my apartment carrying two baguettes in my right arm and my groceries in my left....CLEARLY didn't look like a foreigner :-)

My little outing only lasted maybe 40 minutes, but it was a thrill and reminded me what a great city I am living in. Now if only I could completely recover and be able to fully enjoy it again!

My friend Tiffany invited me out tonight for salsa dancing at this really cute local place in St. Germain area....I had to turn her down.....the smoke in there would be enough to put me in bed again for another week....and I cannot have that.



Anonymous said...

Hi Joonie,
Tried to post something before and it didn't work! Anyhow, great to know you are getting back into LIFE again. And I'm especially proud that you pulled thru all on your own!!! Bravo ma chere petite!

Btw, you look absolutely beautiful! I love your new hair cut too and your new coat!! Tres chic!!

love you...
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo MOM

Anonymous said...

Hi Joonie,

Are you feeling better today? Yesterday I went out and gathered goodies for your care package.

missing you,

Dana said...

oooh a care package. May, send me one. :) just kidding!

I too am glad that you're back on your feet. And I love grocerie shopping, especially in another country. So much to look at, so many cool new things to try! I cant wait to come and visit!!! :)

love and miss you.