La Fete de Saint Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year has been different from previous years for me (I know what you're thinking...nope, I'm STILL single) ...on the one hand, Paris is (I assert) the most romantic city in the world, but on the other hand, they don't commercialize Valentine's Day like we do in the U.S. so it doesn't feel as superficial and suffocating. For them, every day of the year is Valentine's Day!

I took the above photo today in the 17th arrondissement near one of my university campus'. The city invited couples to write notes to each other on a website and they flashed on the information/newsflash screens throughout the city, changing every minute or so. It was very cute. The above photo is just one of the gushy love notes that people left for one another. Also, the only other sign that it is Valentine's Day is flowers. Men have flocked to the local flower stands and women are seen everywhere carrying a simple rose or a bouquet. Again, very cute and understated, which I like. Tasteful.

I am in the city of love on Valentine's Day, and while everyone else is probably going to a nice romantic dinner, I went grocery shopping after a long day of classes and cooked myself a feast.....oh, and I splurged and bought myself a bar of Lindt dark chocolate.....

I send a big FRENCH kiss to all my friends and family at home! :-D



Anonymous said...

daddy and I send a very mushy big kiss back to you!!

SOOOOO great to talk to you today joon-joonie! definitely email me the photos of your new stuff. I'm soooo happy you finally found boots!

always our Valentine...forever,
mom xx

::nahal:: said...

thanks mom :-)

Monica from rio said...

Nahal, glad you put a link to this photo at Eric's PDP! Not only is a delight to see the signs the romantic parisians displayed this feb 14th but it also gave me the chance to meet you blog! I like the way you describe your experience as a student in Paris. Best of luck down there!

M.Benaut said...

And from sunny South Australia, Nahal, thank you for a most beautiful Paris photo. Paris is truly THE most Romantic city and Madame et moi will be there in Septembre. We wish you bon chance with living and studying in beautiful Paris.
Please visit us at Adelaide Daily Photo, you are very welcome.

::nahal:: said...

Thank you Monica and M. Benaut! I appreciate your comments :-)